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Natural Herbs for Hematuria

Hematuria can be caused by many triggers and kidney damage, as well as infections in urinary system are the common causes. This article concludes hematuria causes and natura herbs for it.

What does hematuria mean?

Blood in urine can come from the kidneys, where urine is made. It also can come from other structures in the urinary tract, such as: Bladder (where urine is stored), Ureters (the tubes from the kidneys to thebladder), Urethra (the tube from the bladder to the outside of the body) etc.

Besides, other medical condition may also contribute to blood in urine, such as Strenuous exercise, especially running, results from repeated jarring of the bladder.

Natural herbs for hematuria

Before finding the natural herbs for hematuria, you are suggested to find the root cause firstly. Today, i would like to share the herbs for hematuria caused by Kidney Disease.

- Shepherd's purse. shepherd's purse extract is antihemorrhagic and significantly reduces internal bleeding from the digestive, reproductive and urinary system. Shepherd's purse is also a urinary antiseptic and antipyretic, and contains a range of antioxidant bioflavonoids.

- Cornsilk. Cornsilk tea may be taken to treat inflamed kidneys, prostate and painful urination. It is a natural diuretic and may be used to treat edema.

- Marshmallow root. Marshmallow root is used for urinary inflammation, irritation and cystitis, when cooling and soothing is required. In addition to improving symptoms of your condition, marshmallow root has a mild stimulatory effect on the immune system.

Because Blood in Urine may be a sign of a serious medical condition, thereby, it should not be ignored. However, most people fail to care much about it, when blood in urine comes into light.

When you notice hematuria, please consult your doctor as soon as possible or you can just consult our online doctor with free for your problems, not only hematuria, but also Proteinuria, Back Pain, High Creatinine Level etc.

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