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Microscopic Hematuria and Tailbone Pain: What Does They Mean

Microscopic Hematuria and tailbone pain are not obvious symptoms in your daily life. When they come to light, do they indicate underlying healthy problem? Let’s find the answer now!

Microscopic Hematuria

Microscopic hematuria refers to that you cannot see the blood in urine by your naked eyes. Only the chemical test can find the blood cells in urine. Thereby, this symptom is hardly to be found. The most common cause of microscopic hematuria is simply unknown and not a cause for concern if major problems have been ruled out.

What does microscopic hematuria indicate?

The cause of microscopic hematuria is diverse. But about 30%~40% cases are found to relate with urologic disorder. Once it is discovered, you are suggested to undergo further tests to rule out the serious causes. Bladder inflammation is a common trigger, especially in women. Long-term stand or sport, as well as food or drug abuse may also lead to microscopic hematuria.

Besides these minor causes, it may also be an indicator of serious diseases. Damage to the kidney filtration system or the rest of kidney tissue by diseases is a serious conditions. Microscopic hematuria usually appears in kidney disease patients. If the damage is untreated, Kidney Failure may always be the final result.

Microscopic hematuria is prone to happen in Diabetes and high blood pressure, because they two can affect the kidneys, causing diabetic nephropathy or Hypertensive Nephropathy.

Tailbone pain

In many cases, the exact cause of the pain is not known. In general, pain can by caused in the coccyx if an injury or some type of excess pressure on the area causes the bones to move beyond their normal very limited range of motion, leading to localized pian or inflammation.

What does tailbone pain indicate?

Usually, tailbone pain is caused by two major problems--local trauma and childbirth. Back Pain is a common symptom of kidneys, but tailbone pain has no direct relationship with Kidney Disease.

If you have other symptoms or discomforts that disturb your life, you are suggested to contact a doctor or consult our online nephrologists. A minor symptoms may tell you a large secret on your health. Let it destroy your life gradually or kill it immediately! Your choice! Contact email

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