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Passing Blood in Urine and Pain with Kidney Cyst 7cm

Passing Blood in Urine and Pain with Kidney Cyst 7cmKidneys play very vital roles in filtering the blood and excrete waste products and extra fluid out of the body through urine. For people with Kidney Cyst 7cm, the fluid-filled sac may lead to the abnormal function of the kidneys, resulting in symptoms such as blood in urine and pain.

How does Kidney Cyst 7cm cause blood in urine and pain?

1. In case of a complex cyst, patient may experience symptoms such as blood in urine, abdominal pain or lower back pain. The reason is that large kidney cyst will compress the adjacent kidney tissues as well as other organs, thus resulting in discomforts.

2. Calcium containing Kidney Cyst can lead to kidney stones. This is due to the level of calcium and uric acid in the body increases above the normal. When suffering from kidney stone, symptoms like sever lower abdominal pain, severe lower back pain and blood in urine, etc are observed.

3. When the pressure in cyst is too tight, the cyst will rupture. As there are many capillaries on the cyst wall, if the cyst bursts, the blood will leak into the urine. Symptoms of a ruptured cyst in the kidney also include abdominal and back pain, pain in the hips and waist. It is essential to treat this condition immediately to prevent severe damage.


Blood in urine and pain with Kidney Cyst 7cm can be treated effectively with different treatment options. It is just essential to make the exact cause of these symptoms clear so as to adopt corresponding treatment. If you have not recognized the causes of your discomforts, chat with our online doctor for personlized advice immediately! Here we attach two articles if you want to learn more: Renal Cysts: Herbal Remedies for Hematuria (Blood in Urine)     How to Control Kidney Cyst Naturally

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