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Blood in Urine

You Can Know Renal Condition without Urine Test

Normal urine is light yellow, and when there is something wrong with your renal, the urine color may start to change. 1. Urine color Light yellow is normal, and when you sweat a lot or lack of water, u...[Read More]

What Is the Meaning of Blood Urine

Q: What is the meaning of blood in urine is often disturb patients. And mostly, we use the + to judge the condition of blood urine, but doctor may have a different view. So, could you give me some prof...[Read More]

Natural Remedies to Treat Blood in Urine

Blood in urine or hematuria can be visible by naked eyes or only with a microscope. Because it is one indicator of urinary system disorders, we would like to introduce some natural remedies to manage b...[Read More]

What Are Reasons for The Increase of Urea Level

In lab, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is often used to reflect urea level in the blood, while urea is discharged out of the body via kidneys. If it is higher than the normal, it indicates some underlying d...[Read More]

Why Is There Blood In Urine Form Renal Failure

Patients with renal failure can see many changes in their urine, and sometimes, they may find their urine color is red, which is caused by blood in urine, and it also known as hematuria. Blood in urine...[Read More]

Gross Blood in Urine with Lupus: What does This Mean

I was diagnosed with lupus over 2 years ago. Now my doctor said that I have gross blood in urine. What does this mean?...[Read More]

Chinese Medicine for Microscopic Hematuria in Kidney Disease

Microscopic hematuria is a symptom that may affect some people with Kidney Disease. Is there Chinese medicine to eliminate this problem?...[Read More]

Can End Stage Renal Failure Lead to Hematuria (Blood in Urine)

Hematuria is the medical term for presence of blood in urine.While, can End Stage Renal Failure lead to hematuria? ...[Read More]

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