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Should I See a Doctor or Acupuncturist for Back Pain with Kidney Failure Family History

Q: Hello, I am not diagnosed with PKD. I've been experiencing pain on my right side just by the ribs. I went to see the doctor for pain in my left shoulder and pain on my right side he prescribed medicine for relaxing the muscles. I however, have decided not to take the medicine yet. I went to see an acupuncturist and he said the energy level in my kidneys seemed to be low. I have mild pain today, so I was wondering if I should go back to my doctor or should I go to visit the acupuncturist again. My father died of kidney failure. Thank you, Linda.

A: hi, Linda. I am Dr. Winnie. I make a rough analysis about your condition. And here are some of my suggestions for you.

1. Back pain is a common indicator of Kidney Disease. However, no all Back Pain means the kidney problem is coming. Poor rest, inflexible sitting and overwork may also cause back pain or flank pain. So I suggest you to find the cause of your symptom firstly. As you have Kidney Failure family history, you are at a higher risk to develop kidney problems.

2. See a doctor immediately. Both western doctor and eastern doctor are okay. If there is abnormal change in your body, it can be discovered in both western ways or eastern ways. As far as I know, western medicine is better in making an accurate diagnosis while Chinese Medicine shows better outcome in natural treatment. So I suggest you to take medical test from your doctor and if possible, you can talk with both your doctor and acupuncturist about following treatment and management. And I have to say, a Chinese and western medicine clinic will be the best Choice. Kidney Service China offers both western and Chinese medicine application. If you have interest, you can Contact Us.

3. No matter your back pain results from kidney damage or not, Acupuncture is always a not bad choice. It helps stimulate your body to secrete endorphin--a natural pain-killer, to alleviate your symptoms.

4. Take measure as soon as possible. Kidney Disease is called “silent killer”. In clinic, it shows no outstanding symptoms. This misleads the people to delay to take measures. And this is why many patients are diagnosed with End Stage of Kidney Disease, when they just find some minor symptoms. Never belittle a simple symptoms, such as back pain. If you happen to suffer other sickness, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, you are suggested to see a doctor as soon as possible. The two diseases are the leading cause for Kidney Failure.

Hope everything will be fine. Good Luck. Anyone with any questions is suggested to leave a message below or you can contact my email

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