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GFR Drops from 60 to 20: Is Chinese Osmotherapy Helpful

Posted: by Dr.Zhao      Time: 2014-12-13 05:39

Topics: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Details: I have had a drop in my GFR from 60 to 20 in 1 year. I also have had limb and girdle muscular dystrophy for over 50 years. Can Chinese osmotherapy help improve my GFR?

Expert Answer

The decline of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) means the kidney condition is worsened. GFR from 60 to 20 indicates kidney disease has progressed into stage 4 from stage 2. If uncontrolled effectively, stage 4 kidney disease will aggravate into end stage easily.

Chinese osmotherapy is one external application of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and these medicines are shattered fully, so the effective ingredients can go to the damaged kidney tissues directly with the help of osmotic devices.

These medicines have the benefits of nourishing impaired kidneys, normalizing blood circulation, regulating the internal environment, and adjusting the immune system. With these effects, damaged kidney cells can recover to work gradually. As long as patients' GFR stops declining, they can prevent kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant successfully. I believe you can also get benefits from these natural medicines.

As for what medicines are suitable for you, it should depend on your illness condition. To learn more about these medicines, you can just email to or consult the doctor online.

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