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How to Improve Creatinine 4 and GFR 30 in FSGS

Posted: by xiaozhizhi      Time: 2014-05-13 10:07

Topics: Ask a Question

Details: My husband was diagnosed with FSGS, and his test report show creatinine 4 and GFR 30. How to improve this condition? Please kindly advice.

Expert Answer

Hello, it is really my honor to see your message. To be frank, you need to firstly answer my questions:

1. How long has he been diagnosed with FSGS?

2. Does he have any illness history like high blood pressure, diabetes, infections or heart disease?

3. Any other discomforts like proteinuria, swelling, etc?

4. What kind of treatments are recommended by the doctors?

For further analysis, please send us your husband’s blood test, urine test, etc to

Secondly, you can learn about the meaning of creatinine 4 and GFR 30 in FSGS. Creatinine 4 is higher than the normal range(0.5-1.1md/dl for women and 0.6-1.2mg/dl for men). As for GFR 30, it is much lower than the reasonable value. And this indicates his kidneys have been damaged seriously.

Thirdly, I will introduce how to improve GFR 30 and creatinine 4. At our center, immunosuppressive agents, steroid medicine and other Western drugs are used to stablize the condition; Blood-purification technique to help remove the immune complexes and macromolecular toxins; Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for improving kidney function. After a period of treatment, GFR 30 and creatinine 4 can be improved. What’s more, FSGS will not relapse easily.

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