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Creatinine 3.2, 37 Years Old, Urine Output 400ml

Posted: by kashif      Time: 2013-04-12 11:52

Topics: High Creatinine Level

Details: Q: My sister has Kidney Disease. She is 37years old and her medical report says her creatinine level is 3.2mg/dl. I am very worried about her condition. And her urine output now is 400ml per day. Can you offer any help, sir?

Expert Answer

After reading the message you left on our website. I am glad to offer some suggestions for your sister and hope the followings are helpful for her.

1. Please build up the confidence to fight with the disease, your sister will have a very good life after the useful treatment. Now she is 37 years old, her creatinine is 3.2, which means she is in the stage of CKD4( Chronic Kidney Disease 4). If she can't control her disease well, maybe only 4-5 months later, she will develop into the CKD5 stage, at that time, she has to do the dialysis or kidney transplant.

2. Please don't so worry about her disease, now she still has the urine output, which means her kidneys still working, so she has more chance to enhance her kidney function and delay the development of kidney disease.

3. Now, your sister 's creatinine is 3.2, which mean her kidneys have already get damaged obviously. If this disease can't be controlled well, it will develop into the kidney failure quickly, at that time, only the dialysis or kidney transplant can help the patient. Therefore, early and useful treatment for the patient is very important.

4. With the patient's age become old, the kidney cysts also increase at the same time. Now, we are sure her kidney function have damaged more than 50%. That is because kidneys are very different from other human organs, only the kidneys have damaged more than 50%, then the creatinine increase.

At last, I want you to tell me what causes her kidney disease. Control the primary disease is a key to Kidney Disease Treatment. And if possible please email to me via and it’s will be better, if you can attach her medical report. In this way, i can offer specific suggestions for her.

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