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How can I Reduce Creatinine 3.9 with IgA Nephropathy

How can I Reduce Creatinine 3.9 with IgA Nephropathy"I am a IgA Nephropathy patient and my blood tests revealed my creatinine level was up to 3.9. What does it mean? I know the normal range is much lower, but how can I reduce the high level? Pls help!" Here we would like to talk about the treatment to solve this problem.

High creatinine level 3.9 indicates kidney failing and you are in the Stage 3 CKD. Your GFR level may have declined to 30-59 ml/min. It is critical time to prevent further increase of creatinine level and stop further decline of kidney function. With prompt and effective treatment, IgA Nephropathy patients can avoid developing into Kidney Failure and a normal long life.

What we would really like to discuss next is the best solution to reduce creatinine 3.9 with IgA Nephropathy. As previously mentioned, the root cause of elevated creatinine level is poor kidney function. As we all know, IgAN is an autoimmune disorder. Disordered immune system can cause over reaction of immune system. The immune complex will stay in blood circulation and deposit on other organs. Too much immune complex deposited on the mesangial cells and will cause the proliferation and swelling of mesangial cells thus damaging the kidney function. In treating this disease, we have to firstly control the immune reaction, eliminate the immune complexes, and repair the damaged mesangial cells as well as restore the renal function.

In Kidney Service China, Immunotherapy is applied to ensure all the above curative effects. While receiving medical treatment, follow a reasonable diet can help to get better result. The treatment plan is made based on each patient's condition. You can email us at with more details about your disease. After analysing it by our kidney experts, we will reply you soon with the persoanlized advice. Best wishes!

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