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Treating Blood to Avoid IgA Nephropathy Developing into Kidney Failure

How to avoid IgA Nephropathy developing into Kidney Failure? It may be a question which bothers each IgA Nephropathy patients and their families. This article prescribes a new therapy which starts with treating the polluted blood, instead of the damages in kidneys. Experts say it shows a new hope for preventing kidney failure.

Why Treats Blood, not kidneys?

Speaking of IgA Nephropathy, we have to talk about one of blood function--immune prevention. There are many immune factors existing the blood. IgA, which is a protein that is needed to helps us fight infections, flows in the blood and works as a kind of immune protein. When blood is polluted, it will fail to fight infection. Once the failed IgA complexes deposits in the kidneys, they will causes inflammations and IgA Nephropathy occurs.

How “treating blood” prevents kidney failure in patients with IgA Nephropathy?

As mentioned, it is the polluted blood which causes damaged IgA and then the failed IgA induces Kidney Disease. Thereby, to prevent the further kidney damage, we have to:

- remove the pollutions in blood

- reveres the damaged blood function

“treating blood therapy” involves various existed kidney diseases treatment. It is a systemic therapy. To remove the pollution in blood, Blood Purification is suggested. Blood purification is a group of treatments which can help filter different waste products from the blood.

Meantime, some specific treatments can help add the useful substances that the body need into the blood, which helps the blood function normally.

In addition, you are suggested to use herbs which are tonic to blood. Overtime, it can help reverse the damaged blood system and rebuild the healthy blood system.

Healthy blood will carry necessary nutritions for the damaged Kidneys to self-cure and improve kidney function, as well as prevent Kidney Failure.

Is it a treatment for me?

Treating blood therapy can help solve most cases of different Kidney Diseases. If you happen to be a IgA Nephropathy patient or other kidney disease patient, you can leave your medical conditions below and get the evaluation of whether this treatment works for your case.

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