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Waist Massage and Feet Massage for IgA Nephropathy

Massage helps control the IgA nephropathy Symptoms, such as Back Pain, Edema, Abdominal Pain, Proteinuria etc. Read on and find waist massage and feet massage for IgA nephropathy.

Some massages are very simple and safe, patients with Kidney Disease even can take it at home, the acupoint you massage are controlling the kidney, so take the massage can be very effective in protecting the kidney function.

Waist Massage

step 1. first you need to find the two acupoints correctly, they are on your kidney area, at the two sides of your spine, you can find two hollow area. Rub your two hands until feel warm, press the two acupoints, push inside towards the spine. Do the movement continuously for 50-100 times.

Step 2. Rub the two acupoints with the root of your palms, with the proper strength, until he feel warm and relaxed on the area.

step 3. Make a soft fist, knock the two acupoints slightly, for about 5 minutes.

For the waist massage, you can take for two times each day.

Feet Massage

Every night, before you go to sleep, you are suggested to take a foot bath. And the temperature of the water should be around 42 centigrade, the duration of the bath should be about 40 minutes.

After the bath, you can take the feet massage.

There are also two acupoints on the feet, they are at the middle of the soles, you can also find a hollow area there, that is the acupoint, you can rub the acupoint for about 5 minutes. And you can feel relaxed all over the body.

The acupoints above are that controlling the kidney. Taking the massage is rather helpful to improve the blood circulation in the kidney, and also, can improve your immunity to alleviate the autoimmune kidney disease--IgA Nephropathy.

There are still many other types of massage which helps control the IgA Nephropathy. For more information, please email to

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