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How Should Be IgA Nephropathy Treated

How Should Be IgA Nephropathy TreatedActually, IgA Nephropathy is a very common disease which is autoimmune disease. When diagnosed with the disease, patient's immune network is not very good, so the backup immune network could be easily activated. In this course, immune complex could be produced more easily and massively. They deposit in kidney, especially in mesangial area. Those deposit, just like antigen to kidney, so there would be inflammation. During this course, more renal cells get involved and unwanted problems appear, say hematuria, proteinuria, and kidney filtration.

Here, our kidney experts who work in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital provide the key points of treating IgA Nephropathy.

1. stop the inflammation in kidney

2. Split the existing deposit in kidney

3.increase blood and nutrition supply to kidney 4. remove the cycling immune complex in blood and avoid new deposit in kidney. 5. reinforce your inherent immune system, let those bacteria, virus etc hardly enter into your body.

Only by this, your condition can have improvement step by step. However, it is not easy to reach the final goal. It requires very comprehensive treatment. Here, a systemic treatment called Immunotherapy has shown a good effect on treating autoimmune disease. It is divided into six steps and each step has different therapeutic effects but the common goal is to improve kidney function.

Of course, we do also use other treatment to repair immune system and repair kidney damage aswell as protect renal function. For example:

Firstly, it requires pulse treatment to solve the first; secondly, it requires Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to decompose the existing deposit; thirdly, it requires mai-kang composition, footbath therapy, medicated bath, etc to increase blood and nutrition supply in kidney; fouthly, it requires dialysis, hemofiltration, high flux hemofiltration, etc to remove the cycling harmful materials; fifthly, it requires comprehensive Chinese medicines to improve the immunity.

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