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Natural Remedies for Berger’s Disease


Natural Remedies for Berger’s DiseaseBerger’s disease is also known as IgA Nephropathy that immunoglobulin A (IgA) deposits in glomerular mesangial cells and causes inflammatory reactions. If uncontrolled effectively, Berger’s disease may progress to kidney failure easily. Then, natural remedies for Berger’s disease are needed urgently.

What causes Berger’s disease?

Normally, immune system is responsible for killing harmful substances, called antigens, via producing antibodies. Then, the combination of antigens and antibodies is eliminated out of the body through circulatory system. However, if immune system is disturbed, too much or less antibodies like IgA are produced. When IgA and its immune complexes deposit in kidney filters, Berger’s disease occurs.

Natural remedies for Berger’s disease

Now, we can know Berger’s disease is related to immune disorders. Therefore, some natural remedies that can help regulate immune system are helpful. Today, we are here to introduce several natural remedies for controlling Berger’s disease.

1. Medicated Bath: Put effective herbal medicines into bath water so that the active ingredients can permeate into the body via skin successfully. For patients with Berger’s disease, Medicated Bath has two obvious effects: regulate immune system and boost blood circulation.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: According to patients’ test reports, doctors prescribe correct medicines. Then, these medicines are shattered fully and then put into two osmotic devices and are placed in patients’ kidney area. Then, prescribed medicines can reach kidney lesions directly. These medicines have strong immune activity that can help combine, split and discharge immune complexes and treat Berger’s disease from the root.

3. Immunotherapy: It is also used maturely to deal with immune system. On one hand, it can help normalize immune system. On the other hand, this therapy can help repair damaged kidney cells and clean blood circulation. Therefore, this is also a good choice for Berger’s Disease patients.

All of the above methods have few side effects. If you want to treat your Berger’s disease through these natural remedies, you can tell the doctor online your illness condition. Therefore, they can help you determine a correct diet plan.

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