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IgA Nephropathy Symptoms: Shortness of Breath and Foam in Urine

IgA Nephropathy Symptoms: Shortness of Breath and Foam in UrineAnyone at any age can be affected by IgA Nephropathy. Symptoms do not occur at the beginning stages of the disorder. It is a progressive condition, and it can take decades before patients experience any symptoms. Some people with IgA Nephropathy may suffering from shortness of breath and foam in urine.

IgA Nephropathy symptoms: shortness of breath

Difficulty in breathing (also known as shortness of breath, breathlessness, or dyspnea) can be a worrisome symptom of IgA Nephropathy. Patient may experience this problem due to:

▪ Anemia. Decrease in red blood cells, a condition known as anemia, is a common side effect of kidney problem which starves the body of oxygen, resulting in constantly feeling cold or shortness of breath.

▪ Excess fluid build up in the lungs can be caused by advanced stage of IgA Kidney Disease.

▪ Metabolic Acidosis. About 25% of those with IgA Nephropathy develop Chronic Kidney Failure. By then, the kidney function is severely damaged, leading to massive accumulation of acidic materials in blood.

IgA Nephropathy symptoms: foam in urine

Foam after urination caused by protein in the urine, or proteinuria. The kidneys contain around a million tiny filtering units - glomeruli. When blood is filtered by the tubes in the glomerulus, wastes products pass through the walls of the tubes to form urine. Protein cannot pass through the walls as they are too big. In IgA Nephropathy, the filtration ability of the glomeruli is damaged, protein will be leaked into urine, resulting in foam in urine.

Both symptoms or shortness of breath and foam in urine of IgA Nephropathy can be eliminate with timely treatment. You can email us at with your detailed illness condition and will reply you soon with the best solution to your problems.

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