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Skin Discoloration for IgA Nephropathy: Causes and Treatments

Skin Discoloration for IgA NephropathyCompared with hematuria and proteinuria, skin discoloration isn’t one common symptom of IgA Nephropathy, especially in early stage. If it does happen, this symptom may indicate advanced IgA Nephropathy. Figuring out the cause of skin discoloration can guide IgA Nephropathy patients to choose correct treatment timely.

How does IgA Nephropathy cause skin discoloration?

The discolored skin has a close link with one pigment, called urochrome. It is generated from protein decomposition, and normally, healthy kidneys are responsible for discharging this pigment.

IgA Nephropathy usually causes kidney function to decline gradually. When kidney function or glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is above 50%, kidneys can still eliminate urochrome efficiently. However, if IgA Nephropathy continuously, kidneys are unable to filter out urochrome normally and urochrome deposits in the skin. Finally, patients’ skin becomes discolored, yellow or even black.

Effective treatments to deal with skin discoloration for IgA Nephropathy

When coming to kidney replacement therapy, many people can’t help thinking of dialysis. However, for skin discoloration, dialysis can do nothing. In view of this, patients should choose other treatments.

- Plasma Exchange: It can exchange patients’ plasma with healthy plasma substitute, so as to eliminate toxins and metabolic wastes including urochrome. This therapy is beneficial to prompt the recovery of blood circulation.

- CRRT: It is another therapy that can help remove urochrome. In addition to filter out various molecules of waste products, it is also helpful to maintain the stabilization of hemodynamics and prevent many side effects of dialysis.

- Clear Blood Pollution Therapy: It is one combination of blood purification and Chinese medicine. This therapy can help not only cleanse blood but also rebuild kidney structure. Therefore, it can do much more than only relieving skin discoloration.

These treatment options are suitable for different IgA Nephropathy to manage their skin problems. If you happen to have skin discoloration, you can have a further consultation with doctor online or leave your question in the form below.

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