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Recurrent Hematuria in IgA Nephropathy: Causes and Treatments

Recurrent Hematuria in IgA Nephropathy: Causes and TreatmentsIgA Nephropathy, also known as Berger’s disease, is a form of glomerulonephritis. Its clinic symptoms include recurrent macroscopic hematuria or gross hematuria and some patients with proteinuria and hypertension.

Causes of recurrent hematuria

IgA nephropathy is caused by immunoglobulin A (IgA) deposits in kidney, which results in inflammation over time. Thus, kidney is unable to filter waste from blood and leak red blood cells and protein in urine. Dark or bloody urine --- hematuria occurs.

Treatment for recurrent Hematuria

As mentioned above, the cause of recurrent Hematuria is inflammation, which is the consequential result of deposition of the IgA antibody. The priorities of the treatment are anti-inflammation and degradation of IgA-deposition. Medications used to treat IgA nephropathy include:

Omega-3 fatty acids. These beneficial fats, available in dietary fish oil supplements, may reduce inflammation in the glomeruli without harmful side effects. Get advice from your doctor before you start using supplements.

Immunosuppressants. Corticosteroid medications, such as prednisone, and other potent drugs that suppress the immune response (immunosuppressants), so as to induce IgA-deposition in the glomerulus. But these drugs can cause a range of serious side effects, such as high blood pressure or high blood sugar, so their benefits must be carefully weighed against the risks.

Besides these western medicines, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine, also has effective efficacy with the disease. The medicine used in the Osmotherapy are Chinese herbs which have few side effects. And the supper-finely medicines get to the injured kidney through patients’ skin with osmosis devices. Therefore, patients’ digestive systems could avoid suffering the stimulation of medicine. This Osmotherapy have the effects of anti-inflammation, degradation of IgA-deposition and vessel dilation. The first two effects could get the patients’ conditions in control. After dilating vessels, kidney could get more oxygen and nutrients for recovery.

These methods could help to preserve the kidney function, but there is still on cure for IgA nephropathy. Patients could choose therapy fitting for them to prevent deteriorating of their condition.

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