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Why Patient Has Joint Pain in IgA Nephropathy

Why Patient Has Joint Pain in IgA NephropathyPatients with IgA nephropathy can have many symptoms, among which joint pain also often appear in their body.

Why patient with IgA nephropathy has joint pain?

Kidney is an important organ for our body, and when it is damaged, that will cause people to have many problems, and these problems surely will cause patient to have many symptoms.

In fact, many factors can cause patient with kidney disease to have joint pain, but the most possible cause of this symptom should be gout.

For patients with kidney disease, when their kidney function has been damaged to a certain degree, the metabolic wastes will accumulate in patient’s blood, and cause high levels of them. And gout is caused by high accumulation of uric acid, which is a breakdown product of meat. When there is high uric acid in patient’s blood, urate crystal will form, and it will accumulate in patient’s joints, which will cause joint pain.

How to joint pain?

Joint pain in patient with kidney disease is caused by the accumulation of uric acid, so to treat joint pain, patient should reduce the uric acid level in his blood.

Except for the medicines that should be used in treating gout, reducing the source of uric acid is also an important factor to reduce patient’s uric acid level, so it is necessary for patient to reduce his meat intake.

The root cause of joint pain is patient’s decreased kidney function, so to solve this problem fundamentally, it is needed to improve patient’s kidney function.

In fact, treatments that can combine Chinese medicine and western medicine will be a good choice to improve patient’s kidney function. Western medicine is good at controlling patient’s condition, and Chinese medicine is good at improving patient’s kidney function by regulating patient’s systemic body function.

For example, dialysis is western medicine, and it is effective in prolonging patient’s lifetime by removing the wastes in their body, but it can not improve patient’s kidney function. While the therapies of Chinese medicine like Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Hot Compress Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, etc, are famous for their function in regulating patient’s body function.

In the end, if you have any other trouble in dealing with kidney disease, you can contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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