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Best Diet for IgA Nephropathy with Low Hemoglobin

Best Diet for IgA Nephropathy with Low HemoglobinIgA Nephropathy is one common primary glomerulonephritis. With its progression, it may cause a series of problems, while low hemoglobin may be one of them. A right diet plan can do something to manage both IgA Nephropathy and low hemoglobin level.

IgA Nephropathy and low hemoglobin level

Low hemoglobin level is more likely to indicate anemia. When kidneys are damaged severely by IgA Nephropathy, they are unable to produce enough EPO to prompt the formation of red blood cells. Besides, if patients restrict their protein intake, they may suffer from iron deficiency. Hemoglobin level is one test to reveal anemia.

Diet plan to manage IgA Nephropathy and low hemoglobin

- Eat high-quality protein but the amount should be controlled

Protein will produce some waste substances like urea during metabolism. High-quality protein can reduce the production of these waste substances. However, the total amount of protein intake should be controlled to reduce the burden on kidneys.

- Follow a low-sodium diet

When kidneys fail to determine how much fluid to retain in the body, extra sodium will cause more fluid to collect in the body. In view of this, the daily recommendation of sodium intake should be 2,000~3,000mg.

- Take in fish oil

The onset of IgA Nephropathy has a close link with inflammatory reactions. Fish oil contains rich omega-3 fatty acid, which is proven to have the property of inflammation. Therefore, it can help slow down the progression of this kidney disease.

- Eat more foods rich in iron

Iron is one essential mineral for the production of red blood cells and increasing hemoglobin level. Iron can be found in both meats, vegetables and fruits, and IgA Nephropathy patients had better eat more iron-containing vegetables and fruits.

The above are some general dietary suggestions for IgA Nephropathy patients with low hemoglobin level. To get a personal diet plan, you can contact us through the below message board or emailing to

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