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IgA Nephropathy And Water Intake

As kidneys help remove the extra fluids from the body, IgA Nephropathy patients should care about their water intake. They can help themselves and their care team by controlling the amount of fluids you drink.

IgA Nephropathy

When you are diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, the kidneys fail to balance the water in the body, causing water rentention which easily to cause high blood pressure and contribute to Kidney Failure.

In addition, damaged kidneys may also lead to over fluid building up in the body, causing edema. As the kidneys become less able to keep the body's fluid level balanced, IgA Nephropathy patients will have to watch how much you drink. Some patients have greater restrictions than others, but it's essential for most kidney patients to regulate their fluid intake.

IgA Nephropathy And Water Intake

If you happen to be a IgA Nephropathy, the water intake depends on your oen conditions. However, if you suffer from swellings and high blood pressure, or you are on hemodialysis, you are suggested to limit the water intake.

How to limit the water intake?

You are suggested to manage well your water intake. Talk with your doctor, he or she may make some good suggestions to lower your water intake. And the following are some suggestions and I hope they are helpful for you.

- Sip your beverages. Sipping will let you savor the liquid longer. Use small cups or glasses for your beverages.

- Avoid spicy or salty food. These foods will make you easy feel thirsty.

- Stay cool. Keeping cool will help reduce your thirst, especially in warmer weather.

- Try ice. Many patients find that ice is more satisfying than liquids. Try freezing your allotted amount of water into an ice tray.

- Battle dry mouth. Instead of drinking fluid to refresh your mouth, try using mouthwash or brushing your teeth.

- Watch out the food rich in fluids. Fluid isn’t just what you drink; it’s also in what you eat. You are suggested to avoid or limit the follow foods: ice cream, frozen foods, watermelon, gravy, gelatin etc.

Does your favorite food hid invisible water? Try share your favorite food in the blow chart. We are glad to find the truth for you.

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