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How to Prevent Kidney Failure with IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy, or Berger’s disease, is a kidney disorder featured by inflammation of the filtering units(glomeruli). In this article, we will introduce how to prevent kidney failure with IgA Nephropathy.

A basic information about IgA nephropathy

According to the statistics, it often attacks children or teen. For people with this disease, they can be plagued by a number of symptoms like fatigue, high blood pressure, itchy skin, puffy eyes and so on. And the most typical symptom is bloody urine. In certain case, the illness condition remains stable. Besides, about 25% of the sufferers will develop into kidney failure.

How to prevent kidney failure with IgA nephropathy?

1. Diet changes To help delay the progression of this autoimmune disorder, patients are mostly suggested to reduce the consumption of salt and protein, otherwise, symptoms including proteinuria, swelling and high blood pressure will be aggravated. Meanwhile, healthy foods should also be added to the diet, such as fish oil. If you want to get a personalized eating plan, please consult with our online doctors now!

2. Alleviate symptoms In clinic, drugs are commonly used to relieve symptoms. For example, anti-hypertensive drugs(ACEI or ARBs) for high blood pressure; corticosteroids for protein leakage or hematuria(blood in urine).

3. Take moderate exercises Regular physical activities can help boost IgA nephropathy patients’ immunity to a certain extent, therefore, infections or flu can be well controlled. In general, walking, jogging, Tai Chi, yoga can be good choices.

4. Effective treatments To prevent kidney failure and live a high quality of life, it is really important to take effective treatments early. Here, the combination of Blood Purification and Immunotherapy can be your reliable choices. On the one hand, IgA immune complexes can be removed out of the blood. On the other hand, the abnormal immune system can be corrected. Therefore, kidney failure can be prevented eventually.

If there is anything unclear about how to prevent kidney failure with IgA nephropathy, please leave us message Nice day!

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