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Can IgA Nephropathy Female Patients Give a Birth to a Child

Can IgA Nephropathy Female Patients Give a Birth? The answer for this question varies from individual conditions. But many female IgA Nephropathy did give a birth to a child successfully. You may not worry that IgA Nephropathy will pass on your baby, it is not a hereditary disease, but it may affect your and your baby in other ways, such as, it whether worsen your declined kidney functions.

If you are in both of the two conditions, you may be suggested to plan for pregnance.

- blood pressure is not high (consistently < 140/90 mm Hg)

- kidney function is stable and keeps in a good level (serum creatinine < 1.1. mg/dL, GFR>70ml/min )

If you are satisfied with the two conditions, the pregnant outcome will be improved and less adverse effects will affect your pregnance life. However, the two conditions are just major aspects that you must take into consider. If you have other sever complications, such as heart failure, you are suggested to have a talk with your nephrologist in advance.

Is pregnancy advisable?

IgA Nephropathy itself doesn’t prevent or hazard a pregnancy any form of kidney disease, but its complications, especially high blood pressure and kidney functions decline will reduce the outcome of giving a birth to a child. This causes the higher risk of preeclampsia and miscarriage which make giving a birth dangerous.

Compared with other people, female patients with IgA Nephropathy has a higher risk to undergo complications, such as:

- Preeclampsia

- Kidney Failure

- Miscarriage

- Severe high blood pressure

All in all, giving a birth is not contraindicated for female IgA Nephropathy, but pregnancy may be more dangerous for them than other woman for it may develops as pregnance goes. Thereby, any female IgA Nephropathy patients are suggested to have a complete talk and examination from your doctors. Or you can leave your medical condition below. We are glad to help make an first rough estimation about your case of pregnancy possibility. Contact email:

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